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Artist Submission Form 

Please include all artist details here, including a contact name, mailing address and telephone. Read the Terms and Conditions listed below. Note that this is not an agreement or contract. This is to submit your music for consideration. If you are accepted you will be sent an actual distribution agreement to sign.

Notes: First name is for contact person.
Name is for Band/Act name.
Website is for where we can hear your music.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS (The Fine Print with explanations)

1. The artists grants to Chaos Music the rights to create albums, compilations or playlists with its recordings.

2. This is a non-exclusive contract so you can still distribute your songs via any other label, aggregator, distributor etc. (All you need is to not have signed a contract that wouldn’t allow to license-out on a track-by-track basis)

3. This is for digital worldwide distribution (to +500 stores and to +200 countries).

4. Artist must have full rights to songs provided, either by virtue of being an original composition and production or by obtaining all necessary licenses, permissions or rights for retail distribution of its recordings. The songs must be yours to be sold, either because you wrote and recorded them or have the necessary rights for a cover.  This includes samples included within the songs. Basically don't give us anything that isn't yours or that you don't have full rights to.

5. TERM - The compilations containing your songs will be commercially available for 3 years (Rendez-Vous uses a three year term so we are doing the same. This is just so that the Agreement is not indefinite, but is automatically renewed unless either of us decides to cancel for whatever reason.  It is also possible for the artist to cancel just one song from the agreement without cancelling all the others. The most likely reason you may need to cancel is you get signed to a label or distribution deal that requires exclusive licensing that would preclude you from being on the compilations. The only thing we ask is a that this be justified to a certain extent. This is important to us because a lot of work is put the creation of these compilations so we don’t want artists to be able to jump ship at any time and for no reason.

6. CANCELLATION - Upon cancellation, no further new compilations will contain songs provided by the Artist.  Artist will continue to receive payments for existing compilations that contain songs provided by the Artist.

7. PAYMENT -  Artist will receive payment from Chaos Music Distribution for each digital compilation sold with one or more songs provided by the Artist.  Payments will be determined on a Pro Rata basis, determined by dividing the money designated for Artists evenly between the total number of Artists on each compilation. An Artist that has multiple songs on a particular compilation will receive payment for each song. Payment shall be made via Paypal on a quarterly basis as long as money owed is equal to or greater than $10 (US).  If the amount owed is less than $10 for a particular pay period, payment will be held and added to money owed for the following period.  If the total amount then equals or exceeds $10, payment will be made to the Artist.  This is recorded and tallied every quarter for every compilation sold.

The full agreement along with how to send your song files and associated data will be sent to you upon acceptance.  If you have any questions you can reach us at Info [at] chaosmusicdistribution [dot] com.