Chaos Marketplace

The Chaos Marketplace is an alternative means of selling your music (or any other digital product) directly.

The Marketplace will sell your music or product as a digital download that the customer will receive immediately after payment.


Quicker Payment - Unlike the compilations you will get paid much quicker.  When a product is created you will be listed as a collaborator so when a sale is made you will be immediately notified.  The platform takes 7-10 days from a sale for the money to be available.

You Set The Price - When a product is created you tell us what you want the price to be.  The price you set will be the listed price before any coupons are deducted (if any). 

More Money Per Sale - Total platform and marketplace fees are 6%.  You can choose to get paid via PayPal or Stripe.  You are paid directly from the platform, you don't have to wait for us to email you.

Any file types can be included - Products can be WAV, MP3, PDF, images, documents, spreadsheets, games, etc.  You can also combine multiple song files, text files and image files into a single download all zipped together as a single product (like an album).

No metadata - Nuff said.

Affiliate Marketing - The platform has a built in affiliate program so we can solicit Influencers and anyone else to promote your products.  Affiliates earn 20% of sales they refer.  You can also become affiliates yourselves to promote any products on the Marketplace.  If you want to be an affiliate, once you have created your account in Flurly, in the settings tab create a store.  Then let me know which products you want to promote.  You cannot be an affiliate for your own products.

Coupons - We can create coupons to offer the product at a cheaper price.  Creating a coupon creates a new unique URL of the product that you can send to specific people or to a mailing list, Patreons, Twitter followers, etc.  The cheapest a product can be after coupons is $0.70.  If you have affiliates for your product you can create coupons specifically for them to offer to their followers.

Bundles - I had hoped a feature would be customer created bundles, like if someone bought 3 or more products from the Marketplace they get a discount but that is not available yet (they say they are working on it).  What can be done is pre-made bundles so we can combine multiple products into a single product.  It can be all your content or we can combine your content with another artist or creator.  Each of you will be listed as a collaborator and will get a split of the new product based on the original price before the bundling discount.  So if you have two products selling for $10 each, we can create a bundle of both products selling for $18 for example.


This is an opt-in program.  If you are part of the Chaos Music Compilation program your music will not be included in the Chaos Marketplace unless you specifically request it.

If you want to participate, please fill out the short form at the bottom of the page.  Next, create an account on (this is the payment processor we are using).  Use the same email you use in the form so there is no confusion.  Under settings you can select PayPal or Stripe for payouts.  Under collabs you will be able to see any of your products listed on the Marketplace and track traffic & sales data.  If you have trouble signing up try

You can then send your product using Wetransfer to  Please do not send as an email attachment, those will not be accepted.

If your product is multiple files such as sound files, images, text, etc. include them all into a single Wetransfer link and they will be automatically zipped into a single file.  This is exactly how customers will download it.  Please include at least one image file to act as the main product image.

This is not a replacement for the compilations, they will continue, this is just something new we are trying.  Once we have a few products on the marketplace I will start reaching out to Influencers who might be interested in promoting your products.  You are free to do so as well.

As always if you have questions you can email me at