What We Do

This is the part where I dazzle you with a brilliant sales pitch and tell tales of fame and fortune.
Well, forget it.

I've worked in this business for over a decade and am tired of every opportunity for independent artists treating musicians like they are idiots.  What we do is actually pretty simple so I will spell it out for you in plain language.  Here's the deal:

We are partnered up with a company in Europe called Rendez-Vous Digital that sells music via digital compilations through a network of online retailers and music platforms.  They get the majority of the music from labels, music libraries, publishers, any company with a fairly extensive music catalog.  They are interested in adding more indie artists to the roster but they do not deal with artists and bands individually.

That is where Chaos Music Distribution comes in.  Our sole purpose is to be their primary source of independent artists of all genres of music.  We deal with all of you, they only have to deal with us.

What that means on a practical level is that your songs are included and sold on these digital compilations.  Rendez-Vous pays us, we

divide up the payment to all the artist on a pro rata basis (which is just a fancy way of saying each artist on a comp gets an equal cut).

Besides the revenue, artists gain exposure.  Rendez-Vous promotes and markets the compilations.  We will be collecting information from each artist and links to your websites, Facebook, Twitter, etc. to help with that promotion, so that fans can learn about the artists.

You are only giving us the right to sell your songs on these comps, you retain all rights and continue with whatever efforts you have going on: iTunes, CD sales, ReverbNation, CDbaby, Sonicbids, whatever.  Keep doing what you're doing.

That's it, sales pitch over.  If you still need more, head on over to our FAQ page,  If this all makes sense and you are ready to start, go over and Sign Up.