Sunday, January 10, 2016

Free Music for Content Creators

Free Music for your Stream, YouTube videos, 
Film Projects or Podcasts!
(and maybe even earn some revenue as well)

If you are a:
  • Live Streamer (including game streamers on Twitch or Hitbox)
  • YouTube video creator
  • Independent or student film maker
  • Podcaster
  • or any other online Content Creator
Chaos Music Distribution can provide music to you in a variety of genres for you to use absolutely free from our roster of over 200 (and growing) currently active independent artists from all around the world.

How It Works

Signing up is free, just use our Contact Us page and tell us a little about yourself, your project and what you need music for.  

Go through our roster of artists (Soundcloud links provided below) to select the music you would like.  We will provide you with the sound files as well as a link where people can buy the music (more on that below).

You will receive a limited license for as many Chaos artist tracks as you would like.  Use the songs however you wish, with a few exceptions.  You can use entire tracks or clips.

A mention including the artist and track name must be included in the video description, stream profile page, podcast website or other appropriate location for any tracks used, regardless of the length of the sound clip, as well as the provided sales link where the music can be purchased online.

Restricted uses include:
  • Selling tracks either online or on recordable media.
  • Providing tracks for free download.
  • Including tracks on a product that will be sold (movie DVD's or video games for example).
  • Remixing, covering or otherwise altering tracks (except to create clips).
Note: Including tracks on a monetized YouTube channel, advertiser supported podcast or subscriber supported stream is acceptable.

Individual permission for restricted use such as sync licensing can be worked out on a case by case basis, email us to discuss details.

How to Earn Revenue

We are creating a retail page specifically for this program where people will be able to purchase tracks individually or on compilations with similar artists.  We are also working on including artists for Spotify playlists that you can utilize and promote.  Once these are ready we will provide you with the links.  Specific details on revenue will be announced when they are ready.

For More Info or to Sign Up

Use our Contact Page and send us an email.

Sample tracks from our artists:
Artists have more tracks available, these are samples to give you an idea of what is available.


Hard Rock/Metal

Hip Hop/Rap



Pop/Easy Listening/Soft Rock

Master Playlist (still being updated)