Wednesday, May 6, 2015

April Compilation Releases

Chaos Artists on April Compilation Releases

Because there are multiple releases of compilations in different languages it would be too complicated to try and list each comp and the artists on them, so I compiled an alphabetical list of all artists included on at least one comp in the most recent release batch:

Alexander McKay
Andromeda Sun
B. Frank

Band of the Hawk
Blue Light Bandits
Bride & Groom

Brymers, The
Carpenter & Madden
Cathouse Thursday
Cav Bernah
Chaquis Maliq
Cooly Mack
D. Lector
Dead Day Revolution
Demo Delgado
Devin Sinha
Dixie Still
DJ Tabu
Feel About
Ferris Bueller
Forrest Johnson
Goodnight Buffalo
Gregory Bonino
Herbie D and The Dangermen
Jiggley Jones
Joe Farren
Jon Kohen
Katey Laurel
Kenichi Tamura
Kevin Presbrey
Lil Lance
Lisa Smith's Powerhaus
Liz Madden
Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band
Martians on Maui
Michael Lucarelli
Opal Rose
Piqued Jacks
Stacy Price
Steve Ryan
Sugar Bear Trio
Tamika Dunning
The Real Stevie Bee
Tim Korry
Tim Serdynski

Tressels, The
Valery Trails
Vices I Admire
Vito and the One Eyed Jacks
Wayne Jacobs
Whiskey N' Rye
YBC Tha NeRd
Zachary Friederich