Monday, January 19, 2015

Patreon for bands

Here is the information I gathered on hints to make a better Patreon campaign:
  • When making the intro video and writing the text, make it personal as well as professional, talk about what the music means to you.
  • Describe what the money would be used for, again, making it personal.  Some campaigns even said that money would be used for rent and beer!  Talk about the studio, the equipment, the people you are working with etc.
  • Make several different funding options, including one for $1.  For higher prices, you can set limits, so if a particular perk or reward is labor intensive you can say that only X number of people can get it.
  • Before launching, announce it everywhere to get fans involved early
  • Integrate the campaign into your existing Facebook, Twitter and other social media

Here is a list of potential perks and awards in no particular order.  Remember for the more intensive or exclusive ones you can set limits on how many you would offer, and set a higher price goal:
  • Early access to songs or videos
  • Skype Q&A session with a group of backers
  • Skype Q&A session with session with an individual backer
  • Discount merch
  • Free merch including signed CDs or posters
  • Show passes/listening party (location permitting)
  • Custom ringtone or answering machine message
  • Requested cover song for personal use only
  • Custom/personalized original song
  • Behind the scenes info (explaining the process of recording the song or making the video)
  • Backstage video from a show
  • Backer only access blog/activity feed
  • Random giveaway (pick a backer randomly to receive a particular perk)
  • Inclusion in CD liner notes
  • Discuss music/advice
  • Shout out (verbal or written) in video
  • Personalized video message for them or as gift from them (thank you, birthday, etc.)
  • Alternate, acoustic, unreleased or B-side tracks (either specifically selected or if you have enough back catalog regularly send them)
  • Instrumental versions
  • Digital live performances
  • In person hang out (Location permitting)
  • Mementos from studio, band, performance (used guitar picks, drum sticks, written playlists)
  • Original artwork
  • Vinyl and/or cassette options

Obviously you don't have to do all or even half of these, I just wanted to give you plenty of ideas.
If you are interested in exchanging funding with the other artists, feel free to use the replies section below to coordinate and communicate.  And you are always welcome to email me if you have any questions.  Thanks and good luck!